Author: Berbay Marketing & PR | October 23, 2019
Guest: Matthew Prinn, Principal of RFP Advisory Group         
Podcast: Avoiding RFP Mistakes to Win More Business           

Matthew Prinn has nearly 20 years of experience working at small, mid-size and large law firms in the areas of business development, marketing, project management, pricing and legal operations. As Principal of RFP Advisory Group, he partners with law firms that are looking to win more RFPs, as well as with corporate counsel and C-suite executives to better manage outside counsel legal spend. Matthew has issued and responded to every type of RFP used in the legal industry and has extensive experience negotiating pricing and crafting AFAs and non-traditional billing structures.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The five mistakes that law firms make in responding to an RFP.
  • Why RFPs can be valuable assets for firms of all sizes.
  • How the unbundling of legal services has impacted how companies use RFPs to compare law firms.
  • The five questions that law firms should ask themselves before they even start responding to an RFP.
  • How the RFP process has evolved as new technologies have become available.
  • What trends will become increasingly commonplace in the RFP process in the future.

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