Frequently Asked Questions

What is the state of RFPs in the legal industry?

RFP Advisory Group hosted a complimentary webinar where we explain the latest trends in how RFPs are being used in the legal industry. Click here for access to that program.

How does RFP Advisory Group typically bill clients?

When working for corporate counsel we typically work off a monthly retainer. When working for law firms installing an RFP response process we typically work off monthly retainers. We do work on fixed rates for presentations or short term initiatives.

Do you provide a free consultation if we wanted to learn more about if your services were a fit for our company? 

Yes, we are happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your RFP needs and to provide a customized proposal of services.

Insight, Experience, Results

Trust RFP Advisory Group to manage your RFP and ensure that you get optimal value for your dollar. Contact us today and lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec odio.

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