76% of legal buyers are using the RFP process to drive legal spend management, and 17% plan to.

Buying Legal Council 2018 Survey

72% of legal buyers are using preferred panel providers, and 25% are planning to use them in the future.

Buying Legal Council 2018 Survey

63% of departments report using a combination of hourly billing and AFAs.

ACC Chief Legal Officer 2018 Survey

43% are definitely planning or considering termination of outside firm in 2018.

ACC Chief Legal Officer 2018 Survey


Corporate Counsel

We partner with Corporate Counsel who are looking to use the RFP process to improve their legal spend management and operations. Our consulting service package includes:

  • Joint development of legal spend strategy

  • Creation of an RFP customized to meet your business goals

  • Management and execution of RFP process

  • Negotiation of pricing terms and outside counsel guidelines

  • Ongoing consultation to ensure RFP goals are achieved


Meet Our Founder

Matthew Prinn

Matthew Prinn has nearly 20 years’ experience working at large and mid-size law firms in the areas of business development, project management, pricing, marketing, and operations.

  • Spent the last 12 years as Director of Business Development at one of the world’s largest global law firms where he oversaw nearly 1,000 RFPs in the last 5 years alone.
  • Experience with all the different types of RFPs used in the legal industry, covering all practice areas and industries.
  • Extensive experience negotiating pricing and crafting AFAs and non-traditional billing structures.
  • Nearly 20 years’ experience “marketing legal services” which provides him with a unique insight on how to best “buy” legal services.
  • Member of multiple legal industry trade associations focused on business development, legal operations, pricing and procurement.