RFP Advisory Group

  • We partner with general counsel who are looking to use the RFP process to better manage legal spend.
  • We help law firms win more RFPs and install an effective RFP response process. 

RFP Solutions for Corporate Counsel

RFP Advisory Group is a consulting company that specializes in managing request for proposals in the legal industry.

The following explainer video provides a summary of how RFPs are being used in today’s legal market and the value proposition we provide to our corporate counsel clients.

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Our Services

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Legal Spend Management Consulting Services for Corporate Legal Departments

Learn how we collaborate with general counsel to create a more efficient outside counsel legal spend process.

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Law Firm RFP Consulting Services

Learn how we collaborate with companies to install or enhance their RFP response process to win more RFPs.

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Why RFP Advisory Group?

Learn the competitive advantages we offer and the experience we bring to the table.


76% of legal buyers are using the RFP process to drive legal spend management, and 17% plan to.

Buying Legal Council 2018 Survey


72% of legal buyers are using preferred panel providers, and 25% are planning to use them in the future.

Buying Legal Council 2018 Survey


63% of departments report using a combination of hourly billing and AFAs.

ACC Chief Legal Officer 2018 Survey


43% are definitely planning or considering termination of outside firm in 2018.

ACC Chief Legal Officer 2018 Survey

“Outside Counsel present a broad target for cost cutting…that includes negotiating discounts and alternative fee arrangements, reducing the total amount of work sent to law firms and shifting work to lower priced firms.”

—Altman Weil Chief Legal Officer Survey 2018

4 Key Benefits to Issuing an RFP

A properly managed RFP will allow you to identify which law firms are the best fit for your business goals and ensure that you are getting the most value for your dollar.

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Identify the law firms that can best achieve your business goals

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Create a more efficient work allocation process

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Implement technology to drive innovation

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Get the most value for your dollar

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Insight, Experience, Results

Trust RFP Advisory Group to manage your RFP and ensure that you get optimal value for your dollar. Contact us today .